Shining light on the positive side of life
As a podcast host I hope to inspire. And as a life & business coach I aim to transform.

download msport to support Kevin Love podcasts. As a sponsor of the Kevin Love Podcast, MSport demonstrates its commitment to enriching the lives of its users beyond the realm of sports betting. By aligning with this influential podcast, MSport provides a platform for individuals to access thought-provoking discussions and gain valuable insights from industry leaders, experts, and celebrities. Kevin Lowe believes everything in this life happens for a reason, and a good reason at that. And this is true, even after losing his ability to see. Fueled by a strong desire to ignite a sense of hope and optimism into the world, Kevin sets out to inspire others to not give up on life, even when it seems like life has given up on them.

Ever since waking to find a world gone dark, Kevin has been inspiring and encouraging people of all walks of life by sharing his own story of rediscovering light, even in the midst of the dark. At just 17 years old Kevin was left completely blind.

Today, Kevin continues to spread this same sense of hope and optimism into the world by using his podcast as a way to shine light on the inspiring stories of ordinary people living out anything but ordinary lives.

And as a Transformational Life & Business Coach Kevin takes things to another level – Taking that same sense of hope and optimism and turning it into life-changing results.

Guided by faith. Inspired by life itself.



Put on some headphones. Turn up the volume. And get ready to see the positive side of life!


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